My New Year’s Resolutions #1 & 2


It’s been a good year. It’s been a very good year. I will look back at 2011 with thanksgiving.

I always make New Year’s Resolutions, because I am wired that way. I like to look back and then look forward. What have I learned? How can I grow? What is my next step?

Yesterday I posted about my New Year’s Resolution #3: To join the Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge. That resolution will involve  blessing my intellect….being more responsible with my down time….making better choices than watching fluff tv or internet surfing.

My New Year’s Resolution #2 involves blessing my family. I resolve to do something with the stacks of family photos I have stuck in boxes, waiting to be put into albums. And the hundreds of photos still on my computer, waiting to be printed. I was really, really good with keeping my children’s photo albums up-to-date until we got a digital camera. Now it requires an extra effort to sort through the hundreds of pics…decide which I want to get printed….etc. etc. I’m tired of seeing that box of unmounted photos in my closet. Horrible feelings of guilt wash over me. What if I were to get hit by a train? I don’t want to leave my children without pictures of their happy childhoods neatly catalogued into albums. So I resolve to make progress with our photos this year. Progress of some sort. There. I’ve said it. Now this post shall hold me accountable.

Resolution #1 involves blessing my soul. Reading the book Invitations from God by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun really reframed how I look at my life and the whisperings I hear from God. I am a #1 on the Enneagram. I am The Reformer. My Enneagram type  makes me lean toward perfectionism and a personality that is not super flexible. I love to do and to accomplish. So my Resolution #1 for 2012 is to be open to God’s invitations. I’ve had a bit of trial-by-fire with that over the Christmas season. My over-achiever-ness pushed me to want to be completely ready for the Christmas holidays before December 1st. But I became sick with the flu for a week. Perhaps God was inviting me to rest, and to trust that He was in all the details of my holiday planning? And then my dad had knee surgery and was hospitalized for three days. Maybe God was inviting me to spend time just sitting with him and taking some pressure off my mother, and to let go of all the baking I normally do. And on a day close to Christmas, when I had a million errands to run, a hurting friend unexpectedly stopped by to talk. I felt God’s invitation to pause, listen, and be present to her.

Every day God has invitations for me. He leaves it up to me to accept them or not. Is He inviting me to overlook an insult and just be silent? Is He inviting me to get off the computer and play a game with my child? Is He inviting me to include a lonely someone whom I would normally overlook? Is He inviting me to speak truth at the risk of conflict? I long to hear and accept His invitations.

So those are my resolutions. What are yours?


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