It’s Time For A Change

I’ve been feeling birth pains. Not literally. I mean the kind when you experience a little flutter  in your soul… unfolding of sorts….and you know God is about to do something new in you. It’s time for a change.


I began my previous blog four years ago, as a creative outlet. It was also an attempt to chronicle the lives of myself and my family. It was fun and entertaining; kind of like the current version of the baby book. Since I have failed miserably about updating my children’s baby books, my blog felt like a fun way to catalog family stories for memory’s sake.


I’ve taken a writing sabbatical for a few months. My current ventures of homeschooling my youngest and stepping into ministry leadership necessitated putting some things in my life on pause. But I also felt God asking me to step back from writing. My personality type carries around an annoying inner critical voice who kept telling me, “You’re bad if you don’t write every day.” But the voice of God told me, “Take a break. Draw near to me right now.”


I have changed, grown and transformed in the past four years. Spiritual practices, relationships and experiences have shaped me into a woman who sees a bit more through what the Celts called the “thin places,” the veil that separates Heaven and earth, allowing one to see more of the glory of God. I still plan on sharing my stories. But I felt the need for a freshness; a change of venue and one of focus.





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